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Sharp Shooter, North Side Pistol Range, Fredericton OK, I never thought that
I would ever be excited to hold a handgun. I am a textbook pacifist, guns
have never been an interest of mine. When I was younger, I was more into
building tree houses than playing ‘shoot-em-up’ video games, and every time
I hear news about senseless deaths resulting from gun violence, I question
why we still celebrate violent gun culture in media and entertainment.

Ironically, I recently had a chance to actually shoot some handguns at the
Northside Pistol Range in Fredericton. The trainers at the range were
wonderful and they safely taught us how to handle guns. I have to admit, I
had a ball. I never thought I would enjoy holding a gun and shooting it, but
it was actually a lot of fun, and, oddly, I shot the bulls-eye multiple
times! I am actually a decent shooter! Who would have thought? My views of
the dangers of guns and the unnecessary promotion of gun culture have not
changed, however, I feel like it was important, and surprisingly fun to
spend a couple hours in this range experiencing the sport side of hand gun

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