Range Safety Rules


You will see Range and Firearm Safety reminders posted throughout our facility, not just in the range area. All staff, members and users of this range must follow these rules at tall times. They are clear and simple and if they are never violated, a firearm can never without human intervention negligently harm anybody.



  1. No person shall be authorized on the range firing line under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance.
  2. All firearms are unloaded and MUST PROVE SAFE prior to departing the range firing line.
  3. If there is a guest shooter who is borrowing a firearm, the owner of the firearm shall be within arm’s length of that shooter, for the duration of that shoot.
  4. Approved eye and ear protection MUST be worn at ALL TIMES while on range firing line and in the observation room when shooting is in progress.
  5. Unauthorized targets are not permitted on the range. No recognizable person, in either cartoon or realistic from, may be used.
  6. Shooting at anything other than your own target is strictly prohibited.
  7. The muzzle of all loaded firearms must be kept pointed down range at all times. If leaving stall area, all firearms on the firing line are unloaded with the action open and the muzzle pointing down range, till secured in carry case.
  8. If a misfire or other malfunction occurs, keep the firearm POINTED down range and signal the range staff. Wait designated 60 second rule then with range staff assistance, clear firearm. DO NOT LEAVE THE FIRING LINE WITH LOADED OR JAMMED FIREARM.
  9. All shooters shall clean their stall area at completion of shooting.



  1. Upon entry into the range facility, everyone MUST sign the Range register sheet and READ the waiver form.
  2. No loaded firearms are authorized within the designated safe area, except Range Staff.
  3. Firearms may be inspected at the check-in counter at the request of range staff. Any firearms or ammunition found to be unsafe or unsuitable will NOT be allowed on the range.
  4. All firearms must ARRIVE and DEPART  the shooting range in a proper case.
  5. The following types of shooting are FORBIDDEN, except for special events with the permission of the Owner, Chief Range Safety Officer, or the onsite event coordinator: Combat shooting, Fast draw shooting, Shooting from the hip, Cross firing, Shooting at anything other than paper or cardboard, and Shooting at the backstop/target frame supports intentionally.
  6. The following are FORBIDDEN for health and safety reasons: Eating or drinking while on the firing range, Smoking while inside the range facility, Drinking alcohol beverages while on the premises and Loud talking or other distractions while others are shooting.
  7. Northside Indoor Pistol Range and its staff and designates shall not be held liable for any damages incurred from use of ammunition. Customer will resolve any issues with the manufacturer of the product.
  8. Comply with all instruction from Range Staff and Range Safety Officer.
  9. Report any unsafe conduct to the Range Staff immediately.
  10. Any violation of Northside Indoor Pistol Range Inc. rules or regulations, will result in immediate removal and possible dismissal from the premises.

Law Enforcement and Security Agencies

  1. PROVE firearms unloaded at designated safety area immediately upon arriving at the range facility.
  2. All applicable rules and regulations apply to Law Enforcement and Security Agencies.


  1. All ammunition is subject to inspection and authorization. Allowable caliber range from: .17 rim fire to .45 acp, NO CORROSIVE OR STEAL CORE AMMUNITIONS ARE ALLOWED.
  2. Forbidden under all circumstances: Any center fire, handgun that is not revolver or semi-automatic pistol, “Gas Check” rounds, Tracer, incendiary, and armour piercing rounds and BBs, darts, or any other similar projectiles (no steel projectiles).


  1. Always treat firearms as if they were loaded.
  2. Always have firearms pointed down range.
  3. Never cover the muzzle.
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until  you have clear site picture (fingers to frame).
  5. Under the direction of the Range Safety Officer, once your target has been identified, shoot can be commenced.